Our Leadership

While Jesus Christ is the head of the Church, we also elect leaders to carry out the Mission and Vision of the church. The General Assembly meets Annually and is the highest authority of the Church. The Executive Council meets biannually between the annual General Assembly.


Rev. Lallienvel ( Lal) Pakhuongte  is the 5th EFCI President and took up his office in April 2016. Lal had served as the Coordinator for the Theological Extension Education Course, and was the Vice President from 2006-2016. His responsibilities as the President include General Administration (National and International), Establishment and Development Department  (Relief, Community Care Ministry India, Buildings), and is the Editor in Chief of the Denomination’s monthly organ, Khawnvar Magazine.


Rev. Dr. J. Huoplien Neitham is the Moderator of the EFCI and his current term is from 2016-2018.

EFCI Vice President & Secretaries

The Vice President and departmental Secretaries, who are also elected, assist the President in the various ministries of the EFCI. Together with the President they form the EFCI Executive Committee. 

Rev. Lalbiektluong (Vice President)

Rev. Biektluong is the Vice President of the EFCI. He had served many years as a Presbytery Superintendent in several Presbyteries, and also was the 4th EFCI President from 2012-2016. Rev. Lalbiektluong is the Secretary in the Executive Committee and also holds the responsibilities as Secretary of the Departments of Evangelism, Women Ministries, and National Workers’ Sponsorship (Under Establishment and Development Dept).

Rev. C. Kawldinglien Joute (Secretary)

Rev. Kawla is Secretary for the Christian Education Department (Sunday School, Seminary, School, Seminar & Training), Information and Publication Department, and Statistics. Rev. Kawla had served earlier as a Presbytery Superintendent and the Missions Secretary at the General Headquarters.

Rev. John L. Thilsong (Secretary)

Rev. John is the Secretary for Finance and Accounts, the “Lalpa Ropuina”  Fund (The Glory of God Fund), and incharge of the Khawnvar Magazine Subscription Fee Maintenance and Receipting. Earlier he had served as a Presbytery Superintendent for several years and as the Evangelism Secretary at the General Headquarters .

Rev. G. B. Niropui (Secretary)

Rev. GB is the Secretary for Regional (Mizoram- Aizawl, Lunglei, Kolasib, Sakawrdai, Khawlien);  Youth (Kristien Thalai Pawl); and Music Department. His office is in Aizawl, Mizoram.

Rev. Simon L Darngawn (Secretary)

Rev. Simon is the Secretary of the Missions Department (Missionary / Mission Field). Prior to this he has served as a Presbytery Superintendent and Secretary for Development, etc.


In the Presbyteries we have the Presbytery Superintendents and Standing Committee members from the various Local Churches within each Presbytery.

Past Presidents (Retired)

Rev. Dr. Lalthankhum Sinate(late), the then Vice President of Partnership Mission Society, simultaneously was the first EFCI President from 1974-78 before a full-time president was found.

Rev. Dr. Ruolneikhum Pakhuongte, the 2nd and first full-time president, faithfully served in this position for 27 consecutive years between 1979 and 2006. He was awarded the title EFCI President Emeritus. The EFCI General Headquarters was relocated from Sielmat, Manipur to the city of Shillong, Meghalaya in northeast India in 1979. The President, Vice President, and the Secretaries reside in Shillong.

Rev. Dr. J. Huoplien Neitham the 3rd EFCI President served in this position from 2006-2012. Prior to this role, he had faithfully served as a Secretary from 1979-2006 at the General Headquarters.