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Using the theme Prepared for Every Good Works, the EFCI Pastors Seminar was successfully held at the General Headquarters in Shillong, Meghalaya from August 5-9, 2013. Altogether 72 pastors were able to come from various parts of India. It was a wonderful time for learning more about oneself, worship, fellowship, praying for one another, and catching up on each others’ lives. We thank God who provided the way and who was with us throughout the blessed time together.

The topics discussed were:

1. Church Administration: Rev. Lalbiektluong, President

2. Personal Development for Ministry: Rev. Lallienvel Pakhuongte, Vice President

3. Evangelism: Rev. Zoramsiem Nungate, Secretary Evangelism

4. Biblical Doctrine on Eschatology: Rev. C. Kawldinglien Joute, Secretary Finance

5. Homiletics and the Charismatic Movement: Rev. H. Manga Khongsai, Regional Secretary

6. Church Finance- Elder Buongneikung Buongpui, Accounts Officer.