Evangel Recovery Center

Evangel Recovery Center

A Rehabilitation and Counseling project of the Evangelical Free Church of India

North-east India shares its borders with Myanmar and is a trade route of illicit drugs. It is also near the golden triangle of large scale trade in heroin and similar drugs. As a result, thousands of young people, both male and female, are addicted to drugs or are abusing pharmaceutical drugs and are unable to give up without drastic intervention. Parents are unable to control their suffering drug addicted children. Some have even asked the police to imprison their children so that they might at least be drug-free for some time.

The Evangelical Free Church of India’s Social Development wing Community Care Ministry India was established so that the Church could also contribute to the Holistic development of the society. The opening of the first Evangel Recovery Center (ERC) at a remote village identified for this project where drug addicts and alcoholics can be confined within the property of the ERC.

EFCI Pastors to serve on rotation: While wards are at the Center, they will be counseled and be engaged in evangelistic programs led by EFCI pastors who will take turns on monthly or bi-monthly basis to serve here and bring inmates to be in a position to commit their lives to Christ and be given hope which they will not have otherwise.

Land: A 5-acre plot of hilly land has been offered free of cost by the villagers.

Small Fee: A nominal small monthly fee will be charged to the inmate’s family for meals and other minimal supply costs. This expenditure will be very small indeed in comparison to problems caused at home and to feed their addiction.

Construction: Our greatest and urgent need right now is the construction of the dorms and other sections of the facility.

No Electricity: We also will require solar panels and batteries as government-supplied electricity is not yet readily available there.

Vocational Training: Inmates will learn to adapt to a drug alcohol-free lives, be engaged in vocational works such as carpentry, masonry, bamboo works, black smithy, etc., so that they will have developed some skills for some gainful employment afterwards.

We need your help through PRAYERS, DONATIONS, and even YOUR MANUAL LABOUR as work teams.

Please ask God how you can help- as a Church, Youth Groups, Sunday Schools class, or personally. Be that helping hand to rescue precious lives from being ruined forever!

Examples of ways you can give:

Bags of Cement
Aluminium roofing sheets

For further information, please contact:

The President

Evangelical Free Church of India

General Headquarters
Demthring, P.O. Madanriting,
Shillong, Meghalaya 793021, INDIA

E-mail: hqrs@efci.org.in