Young Visitors from South Korea


One of our four EFCI churches in Vairengte town in northern Mizoram named the Seongsil IOC EFCI Church was recently blessed by the visit in early August this year by 35 young people (13 boys and 22 girls in the age group between 18-30 years) from the Seongsil Church in Seoul, South Korea. These young guests had come to visit our church which had been constructed with the immense help from their home church in Korean. This is where the name Seongsil comes from.

The large size of the group and also perhaps the keen interest in Korean culture in Mizoram brought hundreds of people out into the streets to greet them. A welcome reception was organized at the EFCI Chhimveng Church in Vairengte where hundreds of people turned up to welcome them. It was a surprising and wonderful experience for the guests.

The Vairengte leg of their India Vision Tour was for two days. Rev. David R. Mihriemate, ourĀ  Presbytery Superintendent there reported that they had a wonderful and blessed time together, and the guests, too, enjoyed their stay despite only being able to be provided simple meals and accommodations in this rural area, and that it was a joy to see many youths from different denominations turn up as well to have fellowship with the visitors.

The highlights of their activities included Music and art education, Vision lectures, Self-esteem program, Bible study, and Evening worship with wonderful times of Praise and worship led by the Korean team.

It is a wonderful blessing from God to have such guests who encourage us immensely.